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Primary Trials

Wolverhampton Primary District Teams Trials:

(Exclusively for children who attend ConnectEd Partnership schools in Wolverhampton)

For a full list of ConnectEd Partnership Schools Click Here

District football is the highest level of school football and an excellent opportunity for children to be recognised as the very best in Wolverhampton. Each year, teachers from Wolverhampton primary schools nominate their best football players to attend the district team trials. Once these trials have concluded, those picked to represent Wolverhampton will compete against school associations from across England and Wales.

All children picked to represent the district will continue to play for their Sunday league team, RTC or academy team by providing children with the opportunity to play competitive football via English Schools’ FA competitions. Schools football takes place mainly on Saturday mornings and runs alongside Sunday league and academy football. Children can do both!

The opportunity to play district football for Wolverhampton should be seen as a huge honour, representing your city at the highest level. 

Trials for the 2023-24 season have already taken place. However, should you wish your child to be considered for selection please complete the form below:

Please complete the form below and a member of staff will contact you with further details
Select an option
Year Group in September 2023
Favoured position

Thank you for submitting your details for trials. A member of staff will contact you with further details before the relevant trial date

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