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May 24th 2024. U13 Girls beaten by Silhill Elite in final game.

It would have been easy to play a fixture against weaker opposition in order to to end the season on a high but we wanted a real challenge to see how far our girls had progressed this season and Silhill Elite Girls certainly met the brief. Every one of their side plays for an Academy and the fact that they had beaten Chelsea 5-1 the previous week speaks for itself. This was without doubt our strongest test yet and our opponents were match sharp having already faced Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Northampton, Leicester, Aston Villa, West Brom and Notts County since the turn of the year. 

On the other hand we looked leggy and off the pace and several sloppy errors led to our opponents quickly seizing the initiative. Our girls tried hard but we couldn't match their speed and the finishing ability of their strikers and at times we really struggled to contain them. Despite facing a 5-0 deficit at the break, however, the girls put up a strong fight in the second half and even began to put the visitors under pressure. Their keeper was called into action several times but two fantastic first time finishes off corners meant we conceded twice more and towards the end of the game yet another error made the final score 8-0 in Silhill's favour.This game shows us where the standard is, at and what we want to achieve, and whilst it may well be a harsh lesson it was probably much needed. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that our opponents had given some of the best Academies in the Country a stern test and we are still very much at the start of our journey. 


Kornelia Kruczynska, Remi McKetty, Caitlin Gregg, Xienna Fletcher, Harmani Gill, Esme Shields, Sarannah Lister, Lexi Ruby, Aveigh Samuels, Erin Leo, Dhemi Simpson- Taylor, Savannah Lal, Scarlett Lewis, Faith Hilton-Warner.

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