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November 24th 2023.Where was VAR when you need it?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

When these girls are old and grey people will still argue that Avaani Heyer's penalty in the 3rd/4th place shoot out did indeed cross the line but at the end of the day it is our inability to consistently find the net that really cost us. In no way can we blame our talismanic striker of course because Avaani has already found the target 13 times this season (including all three this morning) but we cannot get away from the fact that we must turn some of these draws into wins. We are a match for any team locally but the margins are so fine that we cannot afford to squander any clear cut chance that comes our way.


Bella Wooley, Rhea Sangha, Gracie Mae Eccletone, Elia Jackson, Nevaeh Jackson, Ruby McLean,

Millie Barnfield, Avaani Hayer, Skye Hines, Lois Howard.

10 teams were in action on the day,divided into two groups of five, and we faced Harborne in the play off having finished 2nd to Walsall in league A.


North Shropshire 1-1 (Avaani Hayer), South Staffs 2-0 (Avaani Hayer 2), Walsall 0-0.

Sutton Coldfield 0-1. Play off: Harborne 0-0 (lost 2-1 pens.Gracie Mae scored our goal)

Avaari's penalty in the 3rd and 4th playoff games at Bodymoor Heath Vs Harbourn in the HerGameToo cup.

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